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October 31, 2015

Are you a parent looking for a fun and exciting summer camp to enroll your son or daughter in during the summer holidays? Well, look no further than volleyball camp! Whether your child has experience playing or not, volleyball camp is the perfect summer activity. Below is a breakdown of some of the key features of the Pakmen Volleyball summer volleyball camp, and why it’s the perfect fit for your son or daughter.

Full Day or Half Day

Our summer volleyball camp is offered in a full day program from 9 am to 5 pm, as well as a half day program that finishes at around noon. For parents with busy schedules, we are happy to accommodate early drop off and late pickup from camp, so you can easily provide your children with transportation to camp before and after the work day.

The camp program itself is a fantastic opportunity for kids of various ages to enhance their volleyball skills, while you rest easy knowing your children are having supervised fun while you’re at work. As well, we also provide a 5 dollar pizza lunch each day, which includes two slices (Pepperoni or Cheese) and a pop!

Indoor & Outdoor Volleyball

The volleyball program is played both indoors and outdoors. We have numerous indoor courts where we start off our program and teach the fundamentals of the game. Later on in the program, we alternate between the indoor and outdoor court and enjoy both styles of the game. We try to have a good balance of both indoor and outdoor play, although sometimes weather conditions only allow us to run volleyball camp indoors.

Learn From the Pros

One of the best parts about attending a Pakmen Volleyball camp is the ability to learn from our professional volleyball coaches. All of our coaches are college and university level volleyball players, who have many years of experience playing the game professionally both in school and through various leagues throughout the city. In addition to their years of play, our coaches are NCCP certified which means they provide players with highly effective and proven coaching strategies.

Make New Friends

Our Pakmen Volleyball summer camp programs are a great way for your son or daughter to make new friends! Through the game itself, various activities, our skills training drills and the free time at volleyball camp, kids are continually forming friendships with each other every single day. By the end of camp they won’t want to leave, and more often than not, the friendships made in our programs result in long lasting friendships outside of camp for many years after.

It’s Fun!

Most important of all, volleyball camp is fun! Our experienced and friendly camp leaders and the groups of boys and girls attending camp at Pakmen Volleyball camp create a unique and fun atmosphere that kids simply love. Ultimately, campers are having fun, being active, making friends, and learning each day.

So if you’re searching for a summer camp this summer to send your son or daughter to, look no further than a Pakmen Volleyball Summer Camp. We have programs for all age groups, both full day and half day programs that will keep your son or daughter active all summer long. Register online, or call us today at 905-276-7388 for more information on our summer volleyball camp programs!

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