Indoor Volleyball vs Beach Volleyball

Volleyball nets and sunrise
November 3, 2015

Although you may be familiar with indoor volleyball, which is often taught in elementary school gym classes, you may not be as acquainted with beach volleyball. Although the fundamentals of both games are similar, there are many differences between the two. Here are a few:


The number of players differs from indoor to beach volleyball. Indoor volleyball typically features six players per side, with each player having a specific role on the court such as setter, libero, and power. Beach volleyball is usually played in doubles format, with one player dedicated to hitting and the other to digging (returning a hit from the opposing side). Because there are only two players in beach volleyball, there is a lot more movement required from each player.


The courts are a little different when it comes to indoor and beach volleyball. A beach court typically measures at 16m x 8m, while an indoor court is a little bigger, measuring at 18m x 9m. There are a few reasons for this. One is that in beach volleyball there aren’t as many players, so a smaller court results in longer rallies. A second reason is that running in the sand versus on a gym floor is a lot more difficult and tiresome to the player. An indoor court also has what is known as the attack line. This line prevents players in the back row from coming to the front of the court to hit. In beach volleyball, a player can hit from wherever they’d like on the court.


The ball is something that many people don’t consider when they’re comparing indoor and beach volleyball. Indoor balls are made of leather, are much heavier and can be hit harder than outdoor balls. Outdoor balls are typically larger and a bit lighter, allowing them to float more in the outdoor air.


Scoring is slightly different in both sports as well. Both sports use a rally system to score, meaning that you may gain a point even if your side did not serve the ball. In indoor, a set is played to 25 points, whereas in outdoor the first team to 21 points wins. Outdoor requires a team to win three sets, and outdoor only requires two sets.

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